UCL School of Management

Finding your future - Career pathways in Finance


Wednesday, 5 August 2020
14:00 – 15:00

In this session you’ll learn more about the Finance sector and some of the different career paths available. We’ll also share insights on the current labour market and details of employers recruiting into this sector, along with important recruitment deadlines to be aware of.

Throughout the year you’ll enjoy access to an ongoing programme of careers support featuring sessions relevant to the Finance sector, so we will explain more about these and how they will help you in your preparation.

Finally, we’ll be joined by some of our alumni who are now working in Finance. They will share their career journeys and give you their tips on how you can best utilise the careers support available to aid you in your quest for a career in Finance.

This event will help you to

  1. Improve your understanding of the Finance sector and employment market, and identify specific career pathways
  2. Improve your understanding of graduate employer recruitment processes and timelines within the Finance sector
  3. Identify careers support available to enhance your understanding of the Finance sector and how to secure a role in this area
  4. Establish the best approach to utilising careers support, in order to secure a role in Finance.

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This event is part of Streams 1 and 2 of the Finding Your Future series for students starting Postgraduate degrees at UCL School of Management in September 2020.

Last updated Tuesday, 4 August 2020