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CANCELLED - Understanding Gamification and how its used in Recruitment Processes


Wednesday, 7 October 2020
13:30 – 14:30

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to a change in employer availability​, we do apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please see our Careers and Professional Development Programme page for full details of all upcoming events. 

Understanding how employers use gamification as a part of their recruitment process

In this session you will have the opportunity to learn why employers use gamification in their hiring process, and how you can best prepare for these types of exercises. You will hear from a lead platform provider, together with an employer who use gamification exercises as part of their recruitment process. This session will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to ensure you know how to best prepare for gamification exercises as part of any recruitment processes you face in the future.

This event will help you to

  1. Identify the differences between traditional psychometrics and behavioural-based assessments such as gamification
  2. Identify the key points related to how gamification exercises work
  3. Understand how companies around the globe are using it
  4. Identify how you can best prepare for these sorts of assessments

Registration is not available as this event has been cancelled.

Spaces are limited so reserve early to avoid disappointment.

This event is part of Stream 2 of the Careers and Professional Development Programme series for UCL School of Management postgraduate students starting in September 2020.

Last updated Friday, 2 October 2020