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Cross-sector innovations


The cross-sector innovations project comprises of multiple studies of innovations that emerge when public organizations collaborate with third sector organizations (charities and voluntary organizations) to deliver services. This is an ongoing, cross-country project (USA, UK and Canada) with partners at Stanford and MIT.
The research team is led by Dr. Angela Aristidou, and includes three postdoctoral research associates (Dr. Lei Liu and Dr. Mohamad Sadri) funded through a UKRI grant (2020-2027).
The project’s aim is to examine the effectiveness of cross-sectoral innovations. Through qualitative and quantitative methods we focus on the formation, management, creativity, adaptation, and sustainability of cross-sector collaborations.


This project’s studies each target distinct theoretical audiences. Together, the four studies contribute to the development of the literature on cross-sector innovations specific to those between the public and third sectors (as opposed to the better studied public-private ones). 

For the governments of the countries we study (USA, UK, Canada), the organizations directly involved in our studies (both public and third sector) and those organizations in the broader service ecosystem that we do not directly study, the project’s findings will serve to develop and revise strategy on cross-sector collaborations. 

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Research groups

Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Research areas

Organization theory; Strategic management

Research topics

Business model innovation; Collaboration; Coordination; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Inter-organizational networks; Interorganizational governance; Interpersonal networks; Organisational adaptation; Temporal perspectives