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Innovating Across Sectors (IaS) program


The Innovating Across Sectors (IaS) research program examines the challenges of partnering across sectors to provide public goods such as healthcare. IaS research studies focus on newly-formed partnerships between the public sector (government services and systems) and the third sector (i.e. community, nonprofit organizations, open source networks and databanks). IaS further focuses on examining those partnerships where new digital technologies (platforms, artificial intelligence), often created by the private sector, have a prominent role. IaS leverages an interdisciplinary research team funded by UKRI FLF’s award to the Principal Investigator Dr. Aristidou and strategic collaborations with MIT, Stanford and Cornell academics


We aim to address important questions of how these new innovative partnerships emerge, how they can be sustainable, to understand their intended and unintended consequences for various stakeholders and how these are regulated or managed in real-life settings.

Selected publications

Aristidou, A., & Barrett, M. (2018). Coordinating Service Provision in Dynamic Service Settings: A Position-practice Relations Perspective. Academy of Management Journal, 61 (2), 685-714. doi:10.5465/amj.2015.0310 [link]
Aristidou, A., Jena, R., & Topol, E. J. (2022). Bridging the chasm between AI and clinical implementation. The Lancet, 399 (10325), 620. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(22)00235-5 [link]
Blandford, A., Abdi, S., Aristidou, A., Carmichael, J., Cappellaro, G., Hussain, R., & Balaskas, K. (2022). Protocol for a qualitative study to explore acceptability, barriers and facilitators of the implementation of new teleophthalmology technologies between community optometry practices and hospital eye services. BMJ Open, 12 (7), e060810. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2022-060810 [link]
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Research groups

Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Research areas

Organization theory; Strategic management

Research topics

Big-data analytics; Information systems; Business model innovation; Collaboration; Coordination; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Inter-organizational networks; Interorganizational governance; Interpersonal networks; Organisational adaptation; Temporal perspectives